By supporting delicious dairy made from Real California Milk, you’re supporting farms and families committed to a greener, cleaner future. California dairy farms lead in sustainable farming practices and responsible dairy production.

They are working to replace heavy-duty truck diesel with carbon-negative fuel for their farming vehicles and equipment.

A program to reduce methane emissions by over 50 million metric tons over the next 20 years is already in place.

A growing number of farms are turning to solar projects so they can use up to 90% less energy than conventional farming. They’re now generating enough solar energy each year to power 30,000 homes.

Clean water is used to first cool milk and then wash cows before being collected to flush manure from barn floors. The water is then used to irrigate feed crops like corn and alfalfa. This ensures zero waste when it comes to precious water usage.

Dairy farms also work diligently with California water regulators and follow strict and comprehensive water regulation for dairies.